Bentheimer-Holz GmbH's round wood standards


Dimensioning criteria for round wood for sawing

  • Round wood length: 2,20 / 2.40 / 2.60 / 3.00 / 3.30 / 3.60 / 4.00 m + 10cm excess (length requirements as discussed)
  • Diameter: Diameter of top end: 14 cm w.b. max. Diameter: 40 cm w.b. 
  • Tree types: Larch, Douglas fir, spruce and pine.  
  • Quality criteria: straight-growing, healthy wood without large branches, rot, fungi or insects; no wood with damage from wild animals or transport damage, max. taper 1cm/running meter, no wood with dried-out trunks, no discoloration or metal content; wood is free of any defects that could interfere with processing by machine
  • Processing characteristics: adherence to length excess, branches are trimmed to trunk level, protruding roots and top part of the sink are trimmed

Woodlot criteria for round timber cuts

  • Woodpiles are to be stored along forest trails that allow the passage of trucks. The minimum quantity is one truck load with a max. of 2 loading points (min. 25 m³ per woodpile), in special cases 3 loading points
  • Pile height should not exceed 3 m 
  • Lumber should be accessible from all sides 
  • Woodpiles are to be organized as follows: Pine and spruce to be piled separately, Douglas fir / larch can be piled together; other types as agreed

Basis of measurement

  • At forest trail during wood collection
  • Measurement upon arrival at facility

Transportation conditions

  • Lumber may only be transported with a valid timber hauling license
  • Lumber transportation and delivery is to be done according to the currently valid Bentheimer-Holz GmbH transportation scheme, or as previously agreed upon
  • Delivery of wood types is to be done in the following batches: spruce delivered separately, Douglas fir / larch can be delivered together, pine should generally be delivered separately, other types as previously agreed 

Wood inspection and approval

  • Section boundaries of woodpile must be marked in color on the front, and if accessible on the back as well 
  • Labeling of woodpile with comp. no. and/or forestry lot, as well as the quantity of woodpile (in m³)
  • Individual allowances must be present during inspection and approval for the evaluation of the individual woodpiles
  • Wood inspection and delivery is done 14 days after notification is received from forestry office

    You will find our inspection criteria here as a PDF document!