Bentheimer-Holz-Gruppe - the traditional wood professionals


Founded in 1968 by Prince zu Bentheim and the Stoll/Nienburg family, Bentheimer-Holz GmbH begins its operations one year later as the first chipper canter mill in Germany (manufactured by Linck). With a capacity of 6000 m³/year, this young company processes exclusively coniferous wood from forests in a radius of 50 km, as well as from neighboring state forests. The wood is mainly shipped to the ports of Bremen, Rotterdam, Antwerpen in the form of stock squared timber and dunnage.


In 1972/73, the area from which wood is purchased is enlarged to a radius of 250 km.


In 1977, Bentheimer-Holz GmbH installs the second generation of chipper canters, a V25 from the Linck company. A new trading category for the purchasing of pre-cut wood is also introduced, primarily for pallet requirements. Wood is now being imported from Portugal, Brazil, and above all from Chile.


 In 1985, the company invests in a Costa machine for cutting wood for pallet boards. In addition, pallet board production is expanded once again. From 1990, in order to achieve ideal measurement accuracy, Bentheimer-Holz GmbH works with three Raimann multiple-blade buzz saws and an electronic Kallfass buzz saw block capping system.


In 1993, the company Heykra Holland BV from Harskamp takes over Bentheimer-Holz GmbH. Investments continue to be made in existing machines, and the production processes are refined and optimized. Round timber trading is also added in order to provide all-round service for forest owners in the procurement department as well. The area from which wood is purchased extends far into the former East German states.


In 1995, a number of Dutch round timber traders, round timber processing facilities, sawmills and haulers join to form an association. The goal: A number of independent companies want to be able to cover a large range of products and services in purchasing and sales, and in doing so secure their earnings.


In 1999, Christian Schmitt, a certified engineer, takes over Bentheimer Holz GmbH. The company's business interests are pursued with prudence and continuity.


In 2001, the companies involved work towards building up the brand "The Group — Circle of Wood Processing": More than a dozen cooperation partners from Germany and the Netherlands are now partners of this cross-industry network. Thanks to this cooperation, the companies are able to process and market the raw material wood in a manner that is ecologically-friendly: from the felling to the sawing and byproducts.


In 2002, Bentheimer-Holz GmbH is certified according to the PEFC. The seal of approval from the Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes identifies wood that is harvested from areas with ecologically, economically and socially responsible forestry management. Raw materials processed at Bentheimer-Holz GmbH are sourced exclusively from woods that are managed sustainably. This has been confirmed by independent auditors. PEFC guarantees that the forest is utilized in accordance with the criteria agreed upon by 37 nations at the Ministerial Conference on the Protection of the Forests in Europe. An ecologically-friendly management of wood as a raw material is of the highest priority at Bentheimer-Holz GmbH, and is firmly anchored in the company philosophy.

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In 2002, Bentheimer-Holz GmbH decides on a new logo.

With the new, modern design, the company shows that it is looking towards the future. At the same time, tried-and-tested traditions continue to be kept alive.


In 2002, the company FBH Forstbetrieb Bentheimer-Holz GmbH is founded in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, a round timber dealership that specializes in first-class consultations for forest owners. The company offers an all-inclusive service for the management of forested areas: from the marking to the transportation of the wood, from the sale of forest to the creation of management plans that take into account forestry management issues. The management of the forest takes place in an ecological and sustainable manner. At the same time, Forstbetrieb Bentheimer-Holz manages the forest for its clients, cost-effectively and professionally. The CEO of the company is Nico Westphal, a certified forestry engineer. The Motoholz company in Barth is also involved as a partner.


In 2009, the company BEH Bentheimer-Energieholz GmbH is founded, with Valentina Semka and Christian Schmitt as the CEOs. This is a company that focuses on the highly promising renewable and environmentally responsible energy market, and which trades in fuel made from wood. A wide range of products that ranges from machine-dried firewood to briquettes, pellets and wood chips for burning offer the end consumer as well as the retailer and wholesaler a great number of fuel wood products as alternative energy sources. In this respect, too, the company focuses on quality, environmental responsibility and excellent customer service, in line with the tradition and philosophy of Bentheimer-Holz GmbH. Even garden and agriculture products such as bark mulch, wood chips, sawdust or sticks are offered to the end customer in cooperation with the sawmill.


In 2009, the goods and services of Bentheimer-Holz Gmbh and Forstbetrieb Bentheimer-Holz GmbH forestry operations are certified according to ISO 9001. This proves that these companies fulfill the standards for quality management that are known and widespread around the world. The ISO 9001 emphasizes customer orientation and process management, as well as continually improving them.


2010 Benheimer-Les GmbH is founded. This internationally-active company specializes primarily in import business from other European companies and Russia, and is responsible for the marketing of imported raw materials.


In 2011, the Bentheimer-Holz Group enlarges its company premises. This makes possible larger storage and production areas. Following this, Bentheimer-Energieholz GmbH opens the Bentheimer wood fuel center, and in addition to new sales rooms, also presents new salesrooms and a symbolic wood fuel station.  Now and in the future, the center is to serve as a competent and modern consultation office for wood energy issues for end customers.


In 2012, the companies Bentheimer-Holz GmbH, Forstbetrieb Bentheimer-Holz GmbH and Bentheimer-Les GmbH are awarded the symbol for responsible forestry management, and are certified according to the FSC. Furthermore, the biomass division is expanded even further with additional machines.


In 2013, the DLG (German Agricultural Society) awarded our sawmill wood chips of size G 50 (new: P45) with the water content class W 20 (new: M 20) and the product "Knackholz" (beech, length 25 cm) with the DLG seal of quality. For the first time ever, products from the solid biofuels category were subject to the rigorous tests at the DLG.


In 2014, Bentheimer-Holz GmbH becomes a member of "Nederlandse Emballage - en Palletindustrie Vereinigung" (epv).


In 2021 Bentheimer-Holz GmbH was taken over COB Holding BV from Mr. Christian Schmitt.